Home Again!!
Album #4

The main reason for the recent trip to Panama was to participate in paying homage to the builders of the Panama Canal as part of the Roosevelt Medal Descendant's Society headed by Mr. Marc Quinn.  On Friday August 13th at 9:00 a.m., two Panama Canal Commission launches left from the pier by Pedro Miguel Locks for a trip through Gaillard Cut where we each thew a rose in remembrance of  the great Army of Canal Builders.  Over 80 persons participated.  Conquering the Continental Divide is a neverending job -- the Commission is in the process of widening Gaillard Cut once again. These photos show some of the work being done.   It is impossible to go thru the Cut and not be awed by what was accomplished there.

launch2.JPG (52732 bytes)
In the Cut

mindi.JPG (82627 bytes)
The Dredge Mindi

mindi2.JPG (60124 bytes)
The Mindi

dipper.JPG (76905 bytes)
Mindi's Big Bucket

cut1.JPG (39740 bytes)

cut2.JPG (36018 bytes)

cut3.JPG (39794 bytes)

contractors.JPG (60051 bytes)
Contractor's Hill

divide3.JPG (71115 bytes)
Another hill!!

divide2.JPG (39704 bytes)
The Divide

goldhill.JPG (52615 bytes)
Gold Hill

widening2.JPG (121611 bytes)
Men at Work

pedmiguel.JPG (39875 bytes)
Pedro Miguel

ship.JPG (32961 bytes)
Car Carrier

tugboat.JPG (107329 bytes)

lesley.JPG (66185 bytes)
On the Marlin


marker.JPG (88407 bytes)
Channel Marker

markers.JPG (107217 bytes)
Line 'em up straight!


widening1.JPG (100272 bytes)
The face of
Contractor's Hill

August 21, 1999

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