The Panama Canal Administrator's Official Residence
Former Home of Canal Zone Governors
Balboa Heights, Rep. of Panama

On August 13, 1999 a reception was held at the Panama Canal Administrator's residence for descendants of the Roosevelt Medal Society and the Afro-Antillian Society.   This residence was first constructed at Culebra in 1906 as the residence of the Chief Engineer.  It was moved to Balboa Heights in 1914 and served first as the Governor's residence and now as the Administrator's residence.  Over the years it has undergone several renovations and is a most graceful residence and showplace.  Of course, letting a bunch of CZBrats in was brave -- should have taken more pictures, but thought it was just a little bold to be snapping pictures during such a wonderful experience!  There are many of Al Sprague's original paintings on the walls, such a treat to see them in person.


FrGovH.jpg (49861 bytes)
Official Portrait

stplaque.JPG (198243 bytes)
Historical Marker


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The Reception

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Three Brats:
Elaine Newland, William Newland, and Marc Quinn

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The gracious porch

sprague.JPG (47693 bytes)
Al Sprague painting

china.JPG (115690 bytes)
China Closet

china1.JPG (72204 bytes)
Three sets ...

china2.JPG (73970 bytes)

china3.JPG (84291 bytes)
...Governors' China

china4.JPG (61838 bytes)
Tivoli Hotel China

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Teresia Moser, Katie Everson, Mary Lerchen, Justin Everson

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Three More Brats: Mary Lerchen, Randy Everson, Lesley Hendricks

goethals.JPG (63184 bytes)
Portrait of Colonel G.W. Goethals

lplaque.JPG (133708 bytes)plaque.JPG (121821 bytes)mplaque.JPG (145009 bytes)
Historical Marker displayed in back yard -- a natural photo op!!
Lesley & Mary

January 10, 2005
Photograph of Residence: official PanCanal Photo

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