Home Again!!
Album # 1

elreloj.jpg (79420 bytes)
Countdown Clock

elreloj2.jpg (69531 bytes)
Change in the landscape

Balelem.JPG (50411 bytes)
Balboa Elementary

prado.JPG (70268 bytes)
The Prado

BHSgate.JPG (86540 bytes)
Gate to BHS

bucycrane.JPG (71325 bytes)
Bucyrus RR Crane

pansign.JPG (61568 bytes)
Old Sign

Dreddiv.JPG (67897 bytes)
Dredging Division

Herc1.JPG (62651 bytes)
The Hercules

titan1.JPG (60207 bytes)
The Titan

tug.JPG (49056 bytes)
Tugboat at Work

frcem.JPG (104684 bytes)
At the French Cemetary

frcempl.JPG (43353 bytes)
Plaque at French Cemetary

frcemmon.JPG (118686 bytes)
Monument at French Cemetary

frcemplcu.JPG (106178 bytes)
Inscription on Monument

frcempl2.JPG (66568 bytes)
Another Plaque at French Cemetary

ambarella.JPG (94374 bytes)

sausage.JPG (138192 bytes)
Sausage Tree

banyon.JPG (193188 bytes)
Banyon Tree

stickers.JPG (95785 bytes)
A few Stickers

monkey.JPG (155711 bytes)
Cavorting Around

August 18, 1999

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