The Panama Canal
Administration Building

Balboa, Rep. of Panama

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The Admin

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Front View

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Back View

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Rotunda Ceiling

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2nd FloorStaircase

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Main staircase

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Another Plaque

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Mural 1

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Mural 2

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Mural 3

mural4.JPG (60004 bytes)
Mural 4

The Administration Building at Balboa Heights dominates the landscape of Balboa.  It was completed in 1914, the year the Canal was opened.  It is located on Ancon Hill, overlooking the town of Balboa and the Pacific entrance to the Canal.  The principal offices of the Panama Canal Commission are located in this building.  Further information on the Murals located in the rotunda of the Admin Building can be found at: Murals

August 20, 1999

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