Home Again!!
Album #2

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cloud.JPG (41561 bytes)
REALLY cloudy

BrAmer.JPG (32674 bytes)
Bridge of the Americas

bridge.JPG (42114 bytes)
Bridge from the West Bank

paitilla.JPG (36930 bytes)
Paitilla Skyline

BYC.JPG (45006 bytes)
Balboa Yacht Club

frwb.JPG (40667 bytes)
Looking towards Ft. Amador

causeway.JPG (42270 bytes)
Causeway in the distance

milspil3.JPG (104754 bytes)
Miraflores Spillway

milspil.JPG (60494 bytes)
Obviously Rainy Season

mirlake2.JPG (47372 bytes)
Miraflores Lake

mirlake.JPG (48142 bytes)
Continental Divide

sillouette.JPG (54047 bytes)
Getting dark

pedmig.JPG (41640 bytes)
Pedro Miguel Locks

tugwaiting.JPG (60528 bytes)
Tug waiting for some action

pointing.JPG (42748 bytes)
Use the West Lane

tower.JPG (25818 bytes)
Portrait in Blue!

August 20, 1999

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