Home Again!!
Album  #5

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Venado Beach

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Taboga Island

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dredgin.jpg (45915 bytes)
No spellcheck?

chiva.jpg (47159 bytes)
What next?

pelican.jpg (65189 bytes)
Waiting for Dinner at Miraflores Locks

mule.jpg (89756 bytes)
Stubborn Mule

control.jpg (85613 bytes)
Control Room

Miraflores Locks

raspado.jpg (82747 bytes)
John, the Raspado Man

lottery.jpg (159652 bytes)
Lottery Plant

tree.jpg (119269 bytes)
Cannonball Tree
Summit Gardens

gfrog.jpg (70545 bytes)
Golden Frog

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pete.jpg (103777 bytes)
Pete Smith at the Dungeon

September 13, 1999

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