Rick Rivera
A Brat in Iraq

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Ricky on Tank


Taking a break before
a midnight stroll thru Baghdad

The whole Gun Truck Crew, L-R:
SFC Herman, SSG Rivera SSG Huff, SSG DeJonge SGT Burquest

Ricky & Ravens

Note:  Check out Rick's t-shirt and tattoo in the cheerleader pic!

Rick Rivera is BHS '88.  These pics are from his tour in Iraq and he enclosed the following:  I thought you'd like some pictures of my tour in Iraq, I was not far from Mosul when Joel Baldwin was killed, I knew him very well, I also lost another friend that same day Cpt. William Jacobson, it was a bad day....anyways there were and are a lot of Zonians still there, fellow class mate Robert Flumach is near Baghdad with 111th Engineers.

January 6, 2006