903d AAA Battalion
Fort Clayton, Canal Zone

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903d AAA Battalion


"A" Battery
from Miraflores Bridge

A-903d Orderly Room

A-903d Mess Hall
adjacent to the
3rd locks project

A-903d Latrine,
Supply Room in Quonset Hut
PX &
Communication Room

Barber Shop


Photos:  Robert Newell

The 903d AAA Battalion was stationed at Fort Clayton from some time in the early '40s  until about 1958, plus or minus a year or two.  Almost surely the 4th Battalion, that replaced us and most likely kept two of our gun batteries.

Gary Strong has a photo of the area between the Miraflores locks and the third locks project that shows only a concrete foundation that probably was our motor pool.

There were four batteries in the battalion: 

"A" Battery on the west side of the Canal with headquarters adjacent to the Miraflores Locks,

"B" Battery on the east side with headquarters on Fort Clayton,

"C" and"D" Batteries were on the Atlantic Side.

"A" Battery had trailer mounted 40mm antiaircraft guns and quad 50 caliber machine guns that were mounted on trailers and in half-tracks. That is what you will see on the battalion crest.

I was stationed on the hill above Pedro Miguel Locks when I arrived.  When the Skysweeper guns arrived, I was moved to a hill about five miles from Miraflores that had been used to store dud ammunition for many years. It was quite lively when the jungle caught fire one day. Later I was
moved to "A" Battery headquarters at Miraflores.


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September 4, 2006