Montana and Wonder Wife

royalprincess1.jpg (38316 bytes)
Royal Princess...

royalprincess5.jpg (36973 bytes) upper chamber...

royalprincess2.jpg (36845 bytes)
...Miraflores Locks

royalprincess4.jpg (37862 bytes)
Controlled by...

royalprincess8.jpg (39397 bytes)
...a PanCanal mule

royalprincess6.jpg (37829 bytes)
The gang approaches

billandgang.jpg (37715 bytes)
Wonder Wife with visor, Montana shouting

billandgang2.jpg (37946 bytes)
All Smiles

billandwebcam.jpg (36480 bytes)
Waving to the webcam

Bill Evans (BHS'47) and Wonder Wife transited the Panama Canal on Monday, February 19th.  I had been out in Gamboa and was on my way back to Panama City when I saw the Royal Princess in Pedro Miguel Locks.  I had planned to stop at Miraflores to see if the ship was anywhere in sight, so the timing couldn't have been more perfect.  Bill was on deck waving a large white piece of fabric (looked like a pillowcase to me).  After the ship was lowered we were able to have a brief conversation.  I pointed out to him where the web cam was located, so he started waving for all get out in that direction.  He'll be happy to know that some of you saw him waving.

Photographs by Lesley Hendricks

These photographs are the exclusive property of the photographer.  Reproduction by any means is prohibited without the written permission of CZBrats

March 1, 2001

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