President Roosevelt During His Visit To Panama

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From The Panama Canal Review "Centennial Issue" Jan. 28, 1955.

President Roosevelt toured the line of the Panama Railroad when he visited the Isthmus in November 1906.

From The Panama Canal Review
Nov. 2, 1956.

Precedent was broken when a President of the United States left the country to see how work was progressing in the Canal Zone. Grouped around President Theodore Roosevelt (center, in a white suit) are: John F. Stevens, Chief Engineer, left front; Mrs. Theodore P. Shonts, wife of the Chairman of the Isthmian Canal Commission; Joseph Bucklin Bishop, the Commission's Secretary; Dr. Presley M. Rixey, Surgeon General; Mr. Latta, a White House Secretary; Mrs. Roosevelt; Mrs. Stevens; and Mr. Shonts, Isthmian Canal Commission Chairman. The small boy is Donald F. Stevens, son of the Chief Engineer.


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