Los Camisones 
on the Pan-American Highway in El Higo, between San Carlos and Santa Clara a rustic bohio in which a Vienna-trained chef does wonders with seafood, and where you don't want to miss the crepes.

Las Veraneras
Located on the right hand part of Santa Clara beach, next to the Farrallon fishing village, so the sea food is always fresh and all of their menu selections (chicken, ceviches, fish, meats,shrimp & vegetables) are nicely prepared.  Early risers can go down, order hot coffee/tea and a delightful breakfast, swim for 5/10 minutes, then enjoy the sunrise as one breaks fast.  I am not usually an early riser, so I generally go down about brunch time, pig out and watch the fishermen haul in their fishing nets and/or go down around 5:30/6:15PM and enjoy a refreshing swim and watch the setting sun while supper is being prepared.  Although I am a Rumli & Cocoli fan, their freshly squeezed Pina Coladas are the best!!!