Panama City

Rincon Suizo/1985 
in Panama City the oldest and best of Chef Willy Diggelmann's restaurants, specializing in French, German and Swiss styles with Panamanian touches

The Golden Unicorn 
in Panama City the country's best Chinese restaurant, created so that Evergreen's Taiwanese shipping execs could get the real thing

Los Templarios
Located on the road to Amador right past the YMCA but before the left turn to bridge, is my favorite restaurant in Panama (right now!).  I've eaten there 8 times since December and have had a delicious meal every time.
Dishes range from all kinds of seafoods, including outstanding corvina dishes, and different pastas deliciously prepared --- they also have yucca, patacones and arroz moro.  Their ceviche and shrimp cocktails are great -- they have clams, too.
Entrees are priced between $5-9 per entree -- full bar, too.  They've been around about a year and were written up in a Panama magazine.  Don't let the bare parking lot at night fool you.  They get a lunch crowd and are popular with folks who live there.
Shamrocks Grill & Restaurant
La Boca Rd. Balboa, Rep of Panama
BPO Elks Bldg.  791X
Tel  507-314-1436  E-
Owners: Sam Castleton  Cel   507-600-2378
         Douglas Webster  Cel   507-614-0849
Thursday Nites  Prime Rib  6:30 - 10:30
Friday Nites Live Music  7:00-10:30
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat  11:00 AM-10:30 PM Closed Sundays