Panama Real Estate

Somewhere along the Canal line

Real estate prospects have definitely improved in the Republic of Panama since this picture was taken in the early 1900's! 

You have your choice of city living, remote highlands, beach areas, or islands as a place to hang your hat.  Panama is a beautiful country, so even if you are not planning to buy, come visit this place that many call home.

Anton (Rental)
Boquete, Palmira District
Boquete (Rental)

Boquete Plantation
Boquete (El Salto Road)
Boquete (El Salto Road)

La Chorrera
Las Cascadas
Paso Ancho, Chiriqui Highlands

Playa Blanca (Rental)
Playa Grande
Quarry Heights

Re/Max Mountain and Beach Realty

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El Valle
Panama City

Bambito, Chiriqui Province (El Volcan)


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July 7, 2013