Rio Chiriqui Viejo
by Mary V. Baldwin
From the Canal Record, March, 1986

Rio Chiriqui is always in haste,
Has to keep racing, no time to waste.
Doing the same thing, day after day,
It rushes, no loit'ring along the way.

I like a lazy river that ambles along,
Lulling me with its soothing song;
One that seems to be going nowhere,
And what is more, it doesn't care.

So why am I looking at you,
Could it be that I love Rio Chiriqui, too?
Watching water 'round the rocks churn,
I feel there's a lesson I should learn.

From haloed hills a voice speaks to me
And says, 'This is how it's supposed to be;'
Sereneness and stillness, storm and strife.
Calm and conflict are both part of life.

So sometimes be busy, sometimes be still,
But in all you do, obey my will;
The moving river, quiet hills above,
Look at both of them and see my love.

Rio Chiriqui Viejo

Cerro Punta
Near the headwaters of the Chiriqui River.

June 11, 1985
Nueva Suiza,
Republic of Panama

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