Rain a-Coming
Louis Barbier (BHS - 57’)

Rain a---Coming, won’t be long now.
Got to get home now.
Wind's picking up, feel the coolness on my brow,
Sky is turning from gray to pitch black.
We will be in for a real blow,
Should get home now.
Rain drops falling all around.
Feeling like a regular pin cushion.
Winds are really strong now.
Rain a---Coming.

Rain Curtain racing towards me.
Can I beat it home?
Don’t know, with this big sack of mangoes
Get a move on Rain a---Coming.
Lighting and thunder together.
What is it that everybody says?
Oh, yea God is bowling again.

Standing in a puddle of water in the car port.
Home at last. Rain really falling now.
Mother yelling, " That you Louie?"
"Yea, Mom." as I drip all over everything.
"Are you wet ?"Yells my mom from upstairs.
"No, Mom," as I reach for a towel off the line.

Standing there listening to the rain,
The tin roof giving up a Calliope of sounds
It is raining really hard now,
Jimmy’s house next door has disappeared.
But across the street the sun is shining brightly.
Phone rings, my Mom yells, "Joey’s on the line."
"Something about a game. Are you going?"
I answer, " Yea, Mom, I am on my way. See-ya."
I race to the football field, the rain has stopped.
My Mom’s words ringing in my ears.
Supper in an hour be there. Don’t be late.
"And, Louie, Rain a---Coming
...  Don’t get wet now."

Presented by CZBrats
November 1, 1998
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