New Street Names in the Former Canal Zone

The following streets in the "Canal Zone" area have been changed by Panama to:

Old Name

New Name

Gaillard Highway Avenida Omar Torrijos
President Kennedy Ave & 4th of July Ave Avenida de los Martires
(This road extends from Frangipani past Morrisons and to the bridge.)
El Prado Avenida R.F. Chiari
Balboa Road Avenida Estado de Barbados
La Boca Road Avenida Estado de Jamaica
Diablo Road Avenida 7 de Septiembre
Curundu Road Avenida Ascanio Villalaz
Andrews Road. Avenida Soberana
Part of Andrews Rd., from 4th of July up to Q.H. - now handed over to Panama

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Last Update:  July 10, 1998

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