A high school basketball team, which plays the "strenuous game," according to the most approved college rules may seem a bit out of the ordinary in the tropics, but the Canal Zone High School is out of the ordinary and has a patent on the extraordinary.  Considering the place and the material, athletics in the high school have flourished this year.  The boys have had a team since December and have played outside games, but in point of numbers and enthusiasm they haven't had a lead over the girls.

Too much rain - a rainy season in Colon, followed by a wet one - put the quietus on baseball.  In consequence boys and girls stormed the Y.M.C.A. Gym, which a pleasant arrangement between the Division of Schools and the Association authorities afforded us.  The boys have come down the line twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, while the girls have made a trip every Tuesday.  With the Cristobal and Colon Beachers to help out, thre have been some great doings in the old Gym.

Miss Taylor has been an efficient coach for the girls, bringing with her from the States a wealth of experience in calisthenics and general gym work besides basketball proficiency.  Mr. Carr has taught the boys the game so they won the admiration of old college stars by their skill in passing and team work.  Though outmatched in size and years in every game they have played, the C.Z.H.S. boys have never lost a game by a margin of over two points.  While most of the games played have been defeats the larger opponents have been forced in acknowledge the "Little Zonians" as dangerous rivals.  Games have been played with the employed boys of the Cristobal Y.M.C.A., a team of tough muscled athletes whose superior size was the important factor.  That they won their three games from the high school by only one goal in each game and lost one contest to us, was due to the better form and team work of the high school.

The personnel of the boy's team includes some embryo athletes who dream, with good cause, of future glory on college field.  The forwards are Cornelius Jadwin and Franklin Johnson; the guards, John Bergin and Carl Naylor; the center, Albert Smith.   Others of the squad are Daniel McNeil, Warren Mory, Lee Wright and Sidney Delevante.  Nearly every member of the squad has been in one or more games.   Johnson and Jadwin have handled the forward end well: the former playing down the field and the latter close to the basket where his eyes and arms have a contract to guage the distance and cage goals on the slightest chance.  Johnson has played an aggressive game and the two have worked together like clock work.

Albert hasn't found a center, yet, who can out jump him and when it comes to a little "vigorous" playing he is right there.  John Bergin and Carl Naylor have learned the game of "stick-to-your-man."  They have a habit of wearing out their opponents if they are anyway near their size.  It's a mightly good habit.

Games are scheduled with Empire, Gorgona and Culebra yet this year.  For another year a plan is on foot to organize a league of the Junior members of the Y.M.C.A. of which league the high school team would be a member.

From fifteen to twenty girls have turned out regularly for gym class and basket ball.  Out of this number a regular team has been formed which has so formidable a line up that other aggregations refuse to play them.  The girl's tem is: Mildred Davis, Colon Beach, guard; Ruth Hanna, Gatun, forward; Olga Faure, Empire, forward; Katherine Francis, Balboa, center; Margureite Stevens, Gorgona, substitute center.

[Editor's note:  There are pictures of both the boy and girl's teams.   However, I cannot reproduce them as I am working with a faded xerox copy of the year book.]

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