CHS Class of '64 Reunion

Class List

The Cristobal High School class of 1964 will soon be celebrating their 40th anniversary.  We have a small planning committee attempting to make arrangements for a great class reunion to be held in conjunction with the Pan Canal Society of Florida annual reunion in Orlando, Fla., next July and are looking for classmates.  One of the things unique to non-stateside schools is the fact that alumni are usually spread out all over the world and finding them can be difficult.  Although the Internet has made searching somewhat easier, there is still much searching to do.

If you are a graduate of CHS 1964 or would have been had you remained in the CZ, or know anybody who was, please have email me or have them do so.  I am keeping the contact list for our classmates and updating it as changes come in.  We have one classmate working hard on the phones and successfully finding people she hasn't talked to in decades.  This has been a huge help to us all but we still have classmates unaccounted for.  Sadly, we are also keeping a list of those classmates of ours who have passed away so that we may honor them.  Any information on this matter would also be appreciated.

Bonnie (Ward) Rogers