Copyright Information

There has been a bit of confusion about the wording of the copyright notice on the site, so we thought we'd take a minute and clarify. We are not experts on the topic, but we have researched it. Keep in mind copyright with respect to the Internet is a fairly new concept and mostly untested in the legal sense. With that aside, here are our words on the matter.

Copyright applies to creative, original works such as articles, photographs, novels, graphics among other things. There are many things that are not copyrightable, one of which is a technique. Hence, for example, you can not copyright a recipe.

However, you can copyright the specific words used to describe a recipe. You can copyright a unique collection of recipes such as a cookbook.

You can copyright the design and original content of a web page.

Our copyright notice is worded strongly because on more than one occasion there has been unauthorized use of the database on this website. One justification was that at the time, no copyright notice was displayed. (This argument does not hold as the Berne Convention states copyright doesn't have to be explicitly declared and that copyright is automatically granted to the author of any original work.)

It has been mentioned to us that since we take the articles from  public sources (US Government or publications out of copyright) that they are in the public domain. If we were keeping a straight FTP archive or an unaltered news archive such as the one on Deja News, that might be true. However, we edit all the articles, file and organize them, and have spent thousands of hours in the process of doing so, turning this site into an ongoing creative process.

We wish to make clear that by putting these articles on our website, in no way are we claiming to revoke the copyright of the message originator.We will remove articles and photographs upon request, and we will not use articles and/or photographs that say "do not archive" or that have a copyright declaration or the X-No-Archive header without specific permission.  If we take articles and/or photographs from other places we give full credit to the originator.

What are you allowed do with the articles and/or photographs? A lot.

You may print out or download articles and/or photographs for your personal use. You may download the entire site to your personal system, so long as it's for your personal use only. This does not mean uploading to your "homepage" on the Internet.

You may give printouts of articles and/or photographs to your friends, relatives and associates or forward them copies of same in email. You must credit the source the material came from:  CZBrats

You may freely post the URL to the net and let other people know about this archive on Panama and the Panama Canal (this activity is encouraged!).

Permission is granted to reproduce a small number of articles and/or photographs (6 or less) for educational or informational purposes, such as newsletters, reports, papers, newspaper articles, school assignments, and the like (nice to ask permission first).  If you want or need to use more material than specified above please contact us at the email link below.

Permission is granted to make STATIC links to single pages on the site. We recommend that you link to the top page only ( to help reduce dead links.

Permission is NOT granted to directly link to this website.

Permission is NOT granted to reproduce the contents of this site in part or whole on any other publicly accessible website or medium such as CD, print form, etc.

This is not to say we are averse to commercial use of the database. If you are interested in purchasing a non-exclusive one-time license, please contact us at the email address below.

Finally, if anyone thinks they're up to the task of building their own website/database from scratch, more power to you!  Let us know and we'll put a link to you on our Links Page.

We hope this clears up any previous confusion and staves off future misunderstandings.