CZBrats' website was hacked thru the messageboard and created malware that infected most of the files on the site.  It has all been cleaned up, but my server advisor says we should no longer have a messageboard as that is where the malware originated.  He said it is a problem with public messageboards.  I don't have the knowledge to create a messageboard from scratch.  Therefore, I have created a CZBrats page on Facebook.  If you were a member of the CZBrats messageboard and want to continue being in touch, please come and join the CZBrats group.  It won't have as many bells and whistles, but hopefully CZBrats website will now be free of malicious hacking.  I've signed up a couple of you, but not everyone.

It is CZBrats on Facebook.  To join you will have to be a member of Facebook.  If it won't let you join because of the way it is configured, just send me a message via Facebook or email me at diablokid @ (get rid of the spaces).

I'm bummed out about it and hopefully a messageboard that suits our needs will make an appearance in the near future.