Canal Zone Christmas Decorations

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49xmasburn.jpg (11077 bytes)

1949 Diablo Christmas Tree Burn

alb52.jpg (28766 bytes)

Albrook, AFB
clayton55.jpg (18557 bytes) Fort Clayton

kobbe54.jpg (36348 bytes)

Fort Kobbe

ordczl.jpg (34800 bytes)

Ordnance - Corozal

balflats.jpg (42407 bytes)

Balboa Flats

curhts1.jpg (36233 bytes)

Curundu Heights

curhts2.jpg (29764 bytes)

Curundu Heights

curhts3.jpg (35409 bytes)

Curundu Heights

curhts5.jpg (34986 bytes)

Curundu Heights

curhts6.jpg (34287 bytes)

Curundu Heights

dec1.jpg (35420 bytes)

Santa Siesta

hapboat.jpg (30912 bytes)

Happy Santa

sc5.jpg (33908 bytes)

Entrance to Santa Claus Lane

dec2.jpg (26366 bytes)

Up on the Rooftop

sc1.jpg (38666 bytes)

Santa Down the Chimney

sc3.jpg (41945 bytes)

Up, up, and away!

sc4.jpg (36626 bytes)

The Snowman Family

Photos Courtesy of Don Boland

These photos are the exclusive property of the photographer.   Reproduction by any means is prohibited without the written permission of CZBrats

December 14, 2001