T'was the night before Christmas
     In this tropical land,
Not a thing was stlrring
    Excepting our fan.

The Canal was all silent,
     Folks shared the same fear
Without any snow
     How could Santa get here?

Then out at the pier
     There arose such a clatter,
We rushed to our porch
     To see what was the matter!

From his Gig to the Seawall
     Santa leaped with a bound,
Then sprang to our rooftop
     And stood looking around.

Then he said with a chuckle,
     "By yumpin' yiminy . . . . .
First they don't have the snow,
    Now they don't have the chimney!

Inside of a twinkling,
     With steps light and sure,
He swung from the rooftop
     And entered our door.

Our stockings we'd hung
     By the window with care
Scarcely hoping Saint Nicholas
     Would ever look there.

But he found them O.K.
     And went to work with a grin.
The lack of a fireplace
     Couldn't stop him!

He pushed back his cap,
     Ran a hand through his hair,
Then left presents galore
     In a big bamboo chair.

He mopped his wet brow
     And sighed with great patience,
As he jokingly mumbled,
     "What a place to be stationed!"

Each quarters he visited,
     With the very same vim,
and when he had finished
     He went for a swim.

Then he boarded his Gig,
     And we all heard him say,
"It's not a white Christmas,
     But I made it O.K.! "

And we heard him exclaim,
     As he sailed out of sight -
"Merry Christmas to all,
     And to all a good night!"

Submitted  by -
 Thomas Dean Greig  BHS '68

December 22, 1999

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