T'was the night before Christmas, and all thru the casa


The Rest of The Story

T'was the night before Christmas, and all thru the casa
Not a creature is stirring, Caramba, qué pasa?
The stockings are hanging, con mucho cuidado,
In hopes that St. Nick will feel obligado.


To leave a few cosas, aqui and alli
For chico and chica (and something for me).
Los niños are snuggled all safe in their camas,
(Some in vestidos and some in piyamas).


Little cabezas all full of good things,
They're all esperando lo que Santa brings,
But Santa está at the corner saloon
Muy borrachito since mid-afternoon.


Mama está sitting beside la ventana
Shining her rolling pin para mañana.
When Santa returns to his home zig-zag-güendo
Lit up like a arbol of Christmas, cantando.


She'll send him to cama con un heavy right -
Merry Christmas a todos y a todos good night.

Robie...Anita y Juan...Indiana university, 1930.

The Rest of the Story!

Here is a story I thought might be of interest to all Zonians. (Canal Record...Dec. 1989).

"My husband 'Rog' and I belong to a club here in Shalimar, Fla. called Shalimar Point. One day I was talking to one of the "starters" - an elderly man by the name of "Robie." Knowing I was from Panama he asked me if I spoke Spanish. When I told him 'un poco' he started to recite a poem:

T'was the night before Christmas
When all through the casa
Not a creature was stirring,
Caramba, qué pasa?

When I joined him in the next verse he was stunned! It seems he and two other 'kids,' Anita and Juan (he said no last names because he didn't know where these people were now) wrote the poem for a Spanish assignment at Indiana University in 1930! He said they got an "F" on the poem because the professor said it was bad Spanish and worse English!

He was very pleased when I dug out a copy of the poem and gave it to him. Small world, verdád?"

Edythe Weisiger Rogers, BHS '41
Shalimar, Florida

December 5, 1999

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