Christmas Greetings from the Panama Canal

Mighty ocean steamers
plow this pretty lane -
Plowing 'mongst the tree tops,
'Twixt a mountain chain.
Skirting forest jungles,'
sailing tranquilly
high above two oceans,
calm as Galilee.

Never is it frozen,
never tempests beat,
Never does the snow fly,
never chilly sleet,
Always is it peaceful
even in the rain -
Land of nodding palm fronds,
Southern Cross and wain.

Land of tropic splendor,
land of virgin soil,
Pilgrim hearts beat briskly here
skilled in robust toil
Speeding steel-clad monsters
oft to Plimsoil laden
With wealth from far-off Tartary,
Greenland, Sydney, Aden.

Pilgrims speed these to thee
Ships and goods and wealth,
Wishes best and Christmas cheer,
Happiness and health -
Pilgrims speed them daily
through this pretty lane,
High above two oceans,
'Twixt a mountain chain.

Author Unknown.....1922.

December 5, 1999

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