Roosevelt Medal Holder

Bernhard Menkens

 b. February 4, 1875, New York City
 d. 1943, Hillsboro, Oregon

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Of German parentage, he was born and raised on the lower east side of NewYork City, where he began to work in his fatheršs garment factory when he was 12 years old.  When hard times came in 1897, he struck out for new fields and rode a bicycle all the way from New York to San Francisco to find a new job.  He was in the gold rush of the Klondyke and he saved the money that paid for his little farm near Hillsboro from the wages he earned helping them build the Panama Canal.


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The Bernhard Menkens Family in Panama

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Gorgona Train Station

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A Postcard to Home

Dear Son Albert,
   Daddy will let you come to us soon and then you have your daddy again.
Regards to all,
with a kiss and greeting
Your Father

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Panama Coins

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Panama Rail Road Steamship Lines - S.S. Allianca

Many thanks to Ms. Donna Ryan for providing these momentos for us all to share

February 2, 2001

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