Construction Days' Collage

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The ditch grows wider each day
The ditch grows longer they say
The slides and the floods, the rain and the sun
Are obstacles big in the race we have run
But the end of the job is in view
Our dreams all soon will come true
But what of the town
That the water will drown
Oh, what will become of you, of you

This song was printed in the Fourth of July program, expressed the feelings of thousands of workers in 1913 as the day drew near when the Canal would be completed. The song was about Gorgona, which was to be "drowned in a day by the world's highway" as the chorus of the song goes!

Also pictured in the collage are: the Roosevelt Medal, a Souvenir Shovel, which was cast from scrap at the Gorgona foundry; Identification tags issued by the Accounting Department of the I.C.C. -- employees presented these to receive their pay and to gain access to various construction sites; Fire Department badge, the first paid fire department was established in 1906; Athletic Medals issued at Ancon on the Fourth of July, 1908; ICC Band was organized in 1905; Commissary Books; Canal Zone matches, CZ playing cards.

These articles were arranged on a sheet of plate glass which was suspended over an American flag. Cover design by Willie K. Friar, cover photograph by Don Goode. Scan of the Front cover of the Panama Canal Review, Spring CZAngel.

Presented by CZ Brats
Last update: June 28, 1998
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