from The Canal Record - Wednesday, December 25, 1907

Zone Children Enjoy Christmas Celebrations.

No prettier celebration of the winter festival has been held in the Zone than that of the Ancon school on December 20.  The room of the elder classes was decorated with palms, ferns and other tropical plants, the exercises consisting of songs and recitations, being held in the morning.  Later in the day the little ones had their celebration in their room which was decorated with festoons of paper chains terminating in a Christmas ball, all made by the children.  The exercises consisted of Christmas songs, dialogues and recitations, including a fairy play, "The Spirit of Christmas."   A number of prominent Ancon residents were present.

The celebration at Gatun has been arranged to take place Christmas eve.  It is under the direction of the Sunday school and the woman's club.  The arrangement of the program is in the hands of Miss Gorman, Mrs. A. B. Shippee and Mrs. H. K. Higgins.   Mrs. N.M. Johnson has charge of the music and woman's club will provide the refreshments.  All the school children will take part.  The program consists of Christmas carols, recitations and several fancy drills by the children.  Each child will receive a suitable gift.  The club held its regular meeting December 20, with a good attendance.

The complimentary concert given by the Cristobal Woman's Club, December 18, was thoroughly enjoyed by a large number of members and their friends.  The program was arranged by the art and literary department, under the chairmanship of Mrs. E. Lewis Baker.

The Culebra Woman's Club held its regular meeting December 19, with Mrs. Wm. L. Sibert in the chair.  The afternoon was devoted to social entertainment.  Mrs. Murray sang several selections and tea was served.  Mrs. Moore was appointed chairman of the committee on refreshments and the following members were elected to represent the club as delegates at the Federation meeting at Cristobal:  Mrs. James Murray, Mrs. Samuel Perry, Mrs. F.B. Byram, and Mrs. E. M. Puller.  The work of the club was discussed and arrangements for the future made.  The club is arranging for an old-fashioned dance to be given on New Year's eve.

The Gorgona club, which is one of the largest in the Federation, continues its good work to the sick.  Preparation for a Christmas program are completed.  The celebration will be held at the Commission club house where the tree will be and Santa Claus is expected to pay his annual visit to the children.

The Ancon club held its meeting December 18, the occasion being marked by a reception to the president, Mrs. Wm. C. Gorgas, on her return from a short visit to the States.   The committee on the formation of a club library reported successful canvassing for books to be contributed by club members and the library will be ready for circulation about the beginning of the new year.  The donation of a book suitable for circulation, from the members of the club, constitutes membership in the library.   The club is arranging for a flower dance to be given some time in February.  A committee, with Mrs. E. F. Quimby as chairman, has the entertainment in charge, and arrangements will be completed within a short time.  Several interesting talks have been promised for the near future.  Col. W. C. Gorgas has promised an address, Mrs. Herbert G. Squires recently elected a member of the club, will read a paper on the "Siege of Pekin," and the Ven. Archdeacon Bryan will read a paper on "Travels in England."  The club will assist at the Christmas celebration for the children at the Protestant chapels in the hospital grounds on December 28.  A tree had been donated for the occasion and invitations have been extended to the children of Ancon, La Boca, and Corozal.

The delegates elected to attend the Federation meeting are Madame Le Prince, Mrs. Pelham Bates, Mrs. E. F. Quimby and Mrs. Charles Boxer.

The Paraiso Club held its regular meeting December 16, the president, Mrs. J. C. Barnett, being in the chair.  Mrs. Wm L. Lowe having resigned the office of secretary, Mrs. W. A. Heath was elected to the office for the unexpired term.  The club will give a dance New Year's eve, when invitations will be extended to the Pedro Miguel Club.

The Las Cascadas Club shows an increased membership at each meeting and much interest is felt in forwarding the social work of the organization.  Mrs. Walraven entertained the members of the club at a luncheon December 19.  Arrangements have been made for a bazaar to be given at the club rooms December 28.

A request for the names of the presidents and secretaries of the Zone Clubs to be published in The Canal Record has been made, and the list is appended in accordance with the same:

Ancon --  Mrs. W. C. Gorgas, president, Mrs. T.C. Lyster, secretary; (Mrs. E. F Quimby, secretary pro tem.)
Pedro Miguel -- Mrs. F.R. Roberts, president; _____, secretary.
Paraiso -- Mrs. J. C. Barnett, president; Mrs. W. A. Heath, secretary.
Culebra -- Mrs. Wm. L Sibert, president; Mrs. W. H. Butler, secretary.
Gorgona -- Mrs. Frank Morrison, president; Mrs. D.E. Hayes, secretary.
Empire -- Mrs. F.M. Miracle, president; Mrs. I. F. McTyier, secretary.
Las Cascadas -- Mrs. O.R. Randall,  president; Mrs.Wm. Boregard, secretary.
Gatun -- Mrs. Chester Harding, president; Mrs. A.B. Shippee, secretary.
Cristobal -- Mrs. Lorin C. Collins, president; Mrs. E. Lewis Baker, secretary.

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