Panama Canal Construction Locomotive #299
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Present Location:  Paterson Museum, Paterson, New Jersey

Technical Data:

As Purchased:

Manufactured by American Locomotive Cooke Works, Paterson New Jersey
"Mogul" type, 2-6-0 Locomotive, 1906 Purchase price - $11,307
Coal Fired, Tender Capacity 8 tons Coal, 4,000 gallons water.
Tractive Effort:  23,980 pounds at 10 MPH
Hauling Capacity:  3,317 tons on level track
Track Gauge: 5 feet
Drive Piston: 19" diameter, 24" stroke
Weights:  Engine -  125,500 pounds, Tender - 97,000 pounds
Oil Head and Rear Lights

Tender Markings
As Purchased:  I.C.C. for Isthmian Canal Commission
Under Corps of Engineers: U.S.
When acquired by Panama Railroad Company: P.R.R.
and Later:  Panama Railroad

Cab Engine Number:
Oversize as shown, for manual identification during actual Construction Service where all movement was under visual control.

Post Construction Service Modifications:

Converted to Oil Fired Boilers, Tender converted from Coal to Oil Storage
Head and Rear Lamps converted to electrical Lamps
Steam Driven Electrical Generator installed
Bell moved from in front of cab to position between sand and steam domes

Additional Historical Notes:

When removed from Active Panama Railroad use, it was refurbished and placed on exhibit at the Balboa Railroad Station

It was donated to the Paterson Museum, Paterson, New Jersey as a representative of the many Locomotives built at the American Locomotive Cooke Works, Paterson, New Jersey for service during the Construction of the Panama Canal.

"299" was moved from the Balboa Train Station, transported by ship to New Orleans, moved on Heavy Duty Flat Cars (wheel gage did not fit American tracks) to Paterson, New Jersey where it is presently on exhibit at the Paterson Museum.

From time to time, "299" has been repainted by various Paterson High Schools' Civic classes as a joint community project.

[The only other known Construction Day Locomotive #201 is located in Arkansas]

Contributed by Dorn Thomas

November 20, 1999

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