James Stanley Gilbert
circa 1900

"The body of a man weighing one hundred and fifty-four pounds contains
forty-six quarts of water." - Curious Facts

WHAT? Forty-six quarts of water
To eleven stone of man?
You're wrong in your figures, Mister,
If you talk to an Isthmian!
Come down and live in the tropics,
And perspire a year or two;
Then alter your calculations
'Til they're somewhat nearer true!

Instead of quarts say gallons -
And even then you'll be
Full many a cask found lacking
Of the proper quantity!
Why, bless your soul and body,
When the sun shines after a show'r,
Most men will sweat a hogshead
Of water in an hour!

And theren lies the marvel,
If one stops to think awhile;
'Tis a puzzle where it comes from
In such a liquid pile!
Is't the dampness of the climate,
Or something far more queer?
One thing is mighty certain:
Folks don't drink water here!

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Picture: Balboa Clubhouse - 1911
Credit:  Isthmian Canal Commission
Presented by CZBrats
October 15, 1998

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