Alexander Frank Betty
The Panama Canal Review . . . December 4, 1959

A little water boy at Gatun Locks, years ago, walking along in the tropical sun with a five-gallon can of drinking water on his head, serving laborers who seemed to have an unquenchable thirst, often day-dreamed of what he would do when he was big. But never in his wildest dream did young Alexander Frank Betty see himself as he is today - a VIP driver, Atlantic side chauffeur to five consecutive Canal Zone Governors, and driver for Congressmen and Senators on their visits to the Canal Zone.

Alexander Frank Betty, or just Frank, as he is known on the Atlantic side of the Isthmus, is the senior driver in the Motor Transportation Division on the Gold Coast, both in point of service and in years. He is the proud possessor of a Company-Government 40-year service award and carries a card showing 13 consecutive years as a safe driver.

He was born in Gatun on November 25, 1896, son of Jamaican parents who came to the Isthmus during French Canal construction days. From his first job as water boy with the Canal organization, he worked up to delivery boy, then a Commissary Division driver, and for many years the Canal Zone Chief Quartermaster's driver. Some 15 years ago he was assigned the care and driving of the Governor's car in the Cristobal area.

His passengers have included many Very Important Persons. When Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited the Canal Zone, his car was the second in line in the official party.

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January 16, 1999

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