The CZ Brats' Trivial
Trivia Contest Answers

1. What are the dimensions (length, width, and depth) of a lock chamber?
1,000 feet long, 110 feet wide, 81 feet deep

2. How much water is used for each transit?
52,000,000 gallons of fresh water

3. When was the first official transit?
August 15, 1914 by the SS Ancon

4. What was the name of the tug that actually was the first vessel through the canal?
The tug's name was Gatun

5. What direction does the canal run?
Northeast (Atlantic)   by Southwest (Pacific)

6. What did the Gaillard Cut used to be called?
Culebra Cut

7. What was the amount of material (earth) in movement at the Cucaracha Slide?
500,000 cubic yards

8. How many gates at the Gatun Spillway?
14 gates

9. How many miles between Gatun and Pedro Miguel Locks?
Approximately 31 miles

10. What is the highest promontory along the Canal?
Gold Hill

11. What was the original width of the Canal at Gaillard Cut?
300 feet

12. What day of the week did "The Colonel" hold court?

13. During Construction Days -- where was the sanitorium located?
On Taboga Island

14. Which ship paid the highest toll to transit the canal?
Rhapsody of the Seas, April 15, 1998 -- $165,235.58

15. What was the lowest toll paid, by whom, and when?
36 cents by Richard Halliburton in 1928 who swam through the Canal

16. What is the name of the artist who did the murals in the Administration Building?
William Van Ingen

17. How many steps lead up to the Administration Building from the Goethals Memorial?
113 steps

18. Where was the Governor’s house originally built and located?
     The town of Culebra

19. When did traffic begin driving on the right in Panama?
April 15, 1943

20. When was electrical power changed from 25 cycle to 60 cycle?

21. When was the Bridge of Americas inaugurated?
April 6, 1962

22. What was the original name of the bridge?
Thatcher Ferry Bridge

23. What year were telephones first used in Panama?  (Extra credit if you can remember your own phone number there!)

24. What High Schools were on the Zone and their school colors?
Balboa High School -- red and white
       Cristobal High School -- blue and gold
       Paraiso High School -- dark blue and gold
       Rainbow City High School -- blue and white

25. In what town is the Dredging Division Headquarters located?

26. What was the Local Rate town's name that was located near the present day town of Pedro Miguel?
Red Tank

27.  About how many cubic yards of material were removed from Culebra Cut by the Americans?
96,000,000 cubic yards

28. What is the lift of the locks at Gatun, Pedro Miguel and Miraflores Locks?
85 feet at Gatun and a total of 85 feet at Pedro Miguel and Miraflores
Note: Not counted wrong if you gave separate lift numbers for Pedro Miguel and Miraflores Locks

29. In what year did a slide at Gaillard Cut close the Canal?
September, 1915

30. What was the original toll on naval vessels (not transports) transiting the Canal?
50 cents per displacement ton

31.  What was the date and name of the ship that made the first commericial transit of the Panama Canal?
SS Cristobal -- August 3, 1914

32. What is the height and length of the Bridge of Americas?
5,425 feet long and 384 feet high

33. What is the name of the first woman employed by the Isthmian Canal Commission?
Mary Eugene Howard

34.  What was her occupation?
Superintendent of Nurses

35. By what other name is the Atlantic Side known?
Several answers got you by this one!
      Gold Coast, The Other Side, The Next Side

36. What famous movie star wears a pearl from the Perlas Islands?
Elizabeth Taylor

37. What was the name that Vasco Nunez de Balboa first called Taboga Island?
St. Peter's Island and Isla Flora both accepted.   There is a discrepancy on this.

38. What is the name of the small island off Taboga Island?
       El Moro

39. What Panama export is known as "Green Gold"?
Bananas (I hesitate to accept Panama Beer as an answer - must be a close 2nd)

40. What year did the Panama Canal Company stop using Commissary Books?

41. How much was invested by the US in building the Canal?

42. Who was President of the United States when the Canal officially opened?
Woodrow Wilson

44. In what US city is Locomotive #299 now located?
Paterson, New Jersey

45. Just what is the name of that street that goes up the hill between Balboa Clubhouse and the bank?
Tavernilla Street

46. What U.S. company made most of the steam shovels used to dig out Culebra Cut?
The Bucyrus Company

47. Where was Aspinwall?
Aspinwall was the name of the City of Colon when the Panama Railroad was built.  It was also the name of the sanitorium located on Taboga Island.  Both answers were considered correct.

48. Teddy Roosevelt and what other US President came to Panama to see the Canal Construction?
William Howard Taft

49. Who was the FIRST Chief Engineer of the Isthmian Canal Commission?
John F. Wallace

50. What was the name of Rainbow City before it changed names?
Silver City

51. What is the name of the US Army General who designed the locks for the Panama Canal?
General Harry F. Hodges

52. Where is the plaque commemorating Gaillard’s contribution to the building of the Panama Canal located today?
This plaque is now located at the bottom of the Administration Building stairs.

53. What year did Cristobal High School move from Cristobal to Coco Solo?

54. What is the name of the restaurant located at Balboa Train Station?

55. What is the date set for the final graduation from Balboa High School?
May 15, 1999

56. What year did the Tivoli Hotel open?

57. How tall is the Goethals’ memorial?
56 feet

58. What river was dammed to make Gatun Lake?
The Chagres River

59. What company is refurbishing the Panama Railroad?
Kansas City Southern

60. What year did Maurice Thatcher turn 100 years old?

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