Scenes From the Canal Zone c.1927

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Arizona1.JPG (45752 bytes)
USS Arizona

Arizona2.JPG (45385 bytes)
USS Arizona

Navysubs.JPG (36024 bytes)
US Navy Subs

navyshipthroughpass.JPG (79808 bytes)
USS Chase
at Gaillard Cut

Britishship.JPG (32765 bytes)
British Ship

britship2.JPG (61682 bytes)
French Ship
Jeanne D'Arc

frenchship.JPG (48622 bytes)
Jeanne D'Arc

hospitalship.JPG (49483 bytes)
Hospital Ship

generalmartin.JPG (25647 bytes)
General Martin

genmartintroopinspect.JPG (38999 bytes)
General Martin
Inspecting Troops

Officers.JPG (53319 bytes)
US Military Officers

officers2.JPG (44683 bytes)
US Military Brass

machinegunnest.JPG (91344 bytes)
Machine Gunner

officersmess.JPG (78256 bytes)
Officers' Mess

pistolrange.JPG (67116 bytes)
Pistol Range

quarhts.jpg (29829 bytes)
Quarry Heights

rations.JPG (79261 bytes)

soldiers.JPG (46008 bytes)

miscsoldiers.JPG (53613 bytes)

unknownlocale.JPG (51798 bytes)
Fort Amador

socialevent.JPG (81380 bytes)
Social Event

Lindberghvisit.JPG (77104 bytes)
Charles Lindbergh Visits the Canal Zone

Lindysarrival.JPG (17090 bytes)
Lindy's Arrival

Anconhill.JPG (93114 bytes)
View from
Ancon Hill

gatunspillway.JPG (32392 bytes)
Gatun Spillway

baseballteam.JPG (58141 bytes)
Quarry Hts. Baseball Team

Basketball.JPG (70795 bytes)
Zone Champs
Basketball Team

footballteam.JPG (67896 bytes)
Football Team

girlsschool.JPG (50097 bytes)
Canal Zone
Girl Scouts

centralave.jpg (29689 bytes)
Central Avenue

bolivar.jpg (22335 bytes)
The Bolivar

crane.jpg (13444 bytes)
Crane at Work

junglevines.jpg (41083 bytes)
The Jungle Takes Over

misc.jpg (20970 bytes)
The Prado from the Admin Steps

pcwharf.jpg (23585 bytes)
Panama City Wharf

party.JPG (102915 bytes)
Party Time!

practicerange.JPG (60830 bytes)
Old Panama

unknownlocale2.JPG (105842 bytes)
View from roof of Hotel Washington

Sailorsatbar.JPG (95974 bytes)
Sailors on Central Avenue

unknownlocale3.JPG (106268 bytes)
Gorgas Hospital

unknownlocale4.JPG (67180 bytes)
Gaillard Cut

unknownlocale5.JPG (50822 bytes)
Ft. Amador
Gavilan Lagoon

unknownlocale6.JPG (61952 bytes)
Camp Gaillard/
Old Culebra

unknownlocale8.JPG (69284 bytes)
Ft. DeLesseps

unknownpeople.JPG (115377 bytes)
Let's Cut This Down!

unknownship3.JPG (77940 bytes)
Sailing Ship at
Cristobal Pier

unknownship.JPG (53331 bytes)
Locking Thru
at Miraflores

unknownship2.JPG (76357 bytes)
Up One Level

Photos Courtesy of
Greg Corrigan

billmenard.JPG (27440 bytes)
Albert Menard in 1927


Greg Corrigan's great-uncle Albert Menard was a photographer for the US Army Signal Corps. He was stationed in Panama around 1927.  Greg inherited these photos and has graciously decided to share them with all of us.  There are more to come!  If anyone can more fully identify some of the people and places in these photos, it will be appreciated.

These photos are the exclusive property of Greg Corrigan.  Reproduction by any means is prohibited without the written consent of CZBrats

January 11, 2003