THE Annual "Ceremonial" Tree Burn

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bev & katie.JPG (40305 bytes)
Now - how do I do this?

bev & randy.JPG (155964 bytes)
Stand back ...

randy & tree.JPG (237171 bytes)
... let a pro show you how it's done!

group, palm, fire.JPG (31676 bytes)
Some of the crowd

justin & katie.JPG (132124 bytes)
Justin & Katie

kid with tree.JPG (38190 bytes)
The kids carry ...

kids and tree.JPG (42541 bytes)
... on the tradition.

skeie & group.JPG (32145 bytes)
Chris Skeie & others

sparks & palms.JPG (37858 bytes)
That was a good one!

group & palms.JPG (53979 bytes)
Remembering ...


sparks & santa.JPG (36461 bytes)
... the good ...

Tree 1 burning.JPG (41374 bytes)
... old days!

Tree 3 burning.JPG (62582 bytes)
What tree gang did these come from?

Photos by
The Eversons

The Nehring produced annual ceremonial tree burn took place at Eckard College
in St. Petersburg, Florida on December 26th.  There was food,
plenty of trees and about 65 CZBrats in attendence

January 2, 2000

These photographs are the exclusive property of the photographer.  They may not be reproduced by any means without the written permission of CZBrats

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