The Lunar Eclipse
January 20, 2000

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2000Esf.jpg (182102 bytes)
The full moon

Eclip-A.jpg (99327 bytes)
First photo of 26 I took using 80mm refractor

Eclip-Z.jpg (150419 bytes)
Darkest point of eclipse about midnight EST

Photographs Warren Kirbo 2000

As you could see from those photos, yes, I got to see the moon ...  EVERY total lunar eclipse has a personality of its own ... this one was yellower than most, but  for the past twenty years we have had aerosols from volcanos  Pinchon in Mexico in 1982 through Pinatubo in the Phillipines 1990 on ... taking away from the brightness of the light passed on through the earth's atmosphere to illuminate the moon ...  Each year the moon is in a different part of the sky, some years in fields of bright stars, some years all alone ...  sometimes it rises already in eclipse as it did in 1995, and in the last one, 1996, local cloudiness gave it a really unique framing as it came through through openings in the clouds, AND in the same field of view was the planet Saturn.

January 23, 2000

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