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A CZBrat's Wedding (Camille and Larry Harrington)
Another Brat's Wedding (Carol and Courtney Ford)
AND Another Brat's Wedding (Nikole and Steve Rock)
Mac & Ellie's Wedding (Ellie Ermish and Mac Lane)
Jenny & Mike's Wedding (Jennifer Hayward Franco and Michael Doll)
Kevin & Natalie Eldredge's Wedding

The Allen Boys
Alex & Brian

bell.jpg (66947 bytes)
Jerry Bell, Lesley Hendricks, and Jos Bell -- BHS'63 and PHS'63

eldredge.jpg (65127 bytes)
The Maliantes
George FitzGerald, Bill Eldredge, Lewis French, Mac Lane
(all BHS'63)

Curundu Boy Scouts
Circa 1958

JAlarcon 1975 CZ.jpg (64405 bytes)
James Alarcon - 1975
Ft. Clayton

jj.jpg.jpg (9770 bytes)
Lesley's Grandsons

cbrantley.jpg (18527 bytes)
Curtis Brantley

cheryl.jpg (19162 bytes)
Cheryl Ann
Lesley's Granddaughter

boyz.jpg (33737 bytes)
The Allen Boys
Alex & Brian
A Year Later!!

Cheyenne Gonzolez ( Hirte )-1.JPG (32045 bytes)
CCheyanne Angelica
Ron Hirte's Granddaughter

CJ  4-2000.JPG (69662 bytes)
Ron Hirte's Grandson

Hanna Lee  4-2000B.JPG (30741 bytes)
Hanna Lee
Ron Hirte's Granddaughter

boysties.jpg (31989 bytes)
The Allen Boys
Alex (6) & Brian (4)

K&Skeet.jpg (35890 bytes)
Keith Kulig &
Skeeter Hirons

belden.jpg (145395 bytes)
Mr. "B's" Team

942h5030.jpg (64948 bytes)
Marilee Parsons,
Raina Marie & Daddy

steve.jpg (46323 bytes)
Steve Clarke

P0000388.jpg (162454 bytes)
Peggy Flynn Mattey (center) with family -- AND new twin grandsons Nicholas & Michael

3brats.jpg (87690 bytes)
Mary Lerchen, Randy Everson & Lesley Hendricks

dadmorsanta.jpg (45187 bytes)
Bill Fall with Daughter Morgana in Scotland for Christmas Vacation 2000

Tula.jpg (42619 bytes)
Tula Brown - CHS '63

SPK2.GIF (3374 bytes)

dorn.jpg (61601 bytes)
Dorn Thomas

me94.jpg (66843 bytes)
Sean Kelly

davef3.jpg (15680 bytes)
Dave Furlong

September 20, 2008