A CZ Brat Needs To Know How To ...

... wrestle gators ... slide down admin hill on a box ... paddle a cayuco ... climb a rose apple tree ... play ringolevio ... speak bajan ... flag down a chiva properly (ey chief!) ... let the bus driver know where you want to get off (ey chief parada!) ... open a Coca Cola bottle with his teeth ... replace the kitchen range with a charcoal grill ... cook and season all meats with Panama beer and soak all your baked goods in Ron Cortez ... insult Carter in 12 different languages and 17 different dialects including Cantonese ... drive with a vengeance while in the city and then easily to revert back to your senses once you are back in the neighborhood ... properly bribe a Policia (beer from the Commy will get you out of any situation) ... call every one chief, tio primo, mano or compa depending on the situation ... chase down your last beer with 4 cups of Duran before you leave for work ... make Johnny Mazzetti ... not to jump off the BYC pier when the tide is in the middle of its way down to a minus tide  ...  hang onto a tree stump when you are 40 feet underwater and you hear the whump whump whump that reminds you it was a dumb idea to dive off the Banana Channel ... to throw away all his shoes ...  cut all his jeans right at the knee ... be subjected to SCN programming in the late afternoons and Diamond FM while sleeping to make up for all the lost time ... explain the Panasecond and the DDT and BooCoon! ... spear fish at the pier at the causeway ... angle for shark off Tabogilla ... dive for bottles off the pier at Taboga ... watch people jump off the bridge from the cafe at PC College (not a pretty sight) ... find the chicha man on his three wheeled bicycle ... the proper way to eat green mangos (climb the tree, get comfortable, and have the salt shaker with you) ... find the right place on the Causeway to watch the submarine races ... pick up the hookers waiting outside the gate at Howard (and Clayton for that matter) ... trade fish for MRE's with the Army folk  and use them to go camping, waka hunting (that is WAY TOO MUCH work!) ... watch the foggy Chagres and the Spillway while eating at the Tarpon Club ... learn to honk your horn the "exact" second the light turns green ... chase the DDT truck ... skinny dip at Cocoli Lake ... slide down the slide at Goofy Falls ... eat meat on a stick ...  hold up his feet when driving through a deep puddle during rainy season ... throw Christmas trees into the bonfire without burning his body hair ... watch the sun rise in the Pacific and set in the Atlantic ... to survive a mango fight, ... stop the elevator between floors in the Tivoli Guest House, force open
the doors, and  read (or write) cool stuff there ...

Contributed by:  Frank Perez, Elizabeth Bassett, Betsy Duncan, Lesley, Sue Frederick

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Presented by CZBrats
July 3, 2000
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