West Indian Alphabet
by Anonymous
from the Canal Record, March, 1991
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A is for Asano, look how him stand.
B is for Buckra, very bad man.
C is for Cat, him name called Maria.
D is for Dupee, him eye shine like fire.
E is for Eel, him live by de Ferry.
F is for Fidler, him play very merry.
G is for Governer, him live in King's house.
H is for Dry Harbor, place poor as church mouse.
I is for I is a Gentleman, very well bred.
J is for John Crow, him got peeled head.
K is for Kilibrew, nice when him boil.
L is for Lizard, him tail spoil.
M is for Monkey, look on him face.
N is for Nana, her cap trimmed wid lace.
O is for Oliphant, look on him snout.
P is for Pato, at night him come out.
Q is for Quarter, beg Massa one please.
R is for Ratta, him tiptoe on cheese.
S is for Snake, him live in de grass.
T is for Toad, him forward and fast.
U is for Uncle, say howdy please.
V is for Vervine, make very nice tea.
W is for Woman, married to man.
X is for Mark, made wid de hand.
Y is for Place, where old folks meet.
Z is be Zebedee, mending him net.

(Asano - A giant who lived in Jamaica)
(Buckra - a mean labor foreman)
(John Crow - Buzzard wid naked head)
("Y" - is like Madden Y - a crossroads)

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