Bucyrus Steam Shovel Bucket

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This Bucyrus Steam Shovel Bucket from a 95-ton steam shovel was used during the building of the Panama Canal.   The Bucyrus Company located this bucket (and the rest of the steam shovel) in Montana.  The steam shovel had been sent to Montana for mining purposes after its job on the Canal was done.  It is privately owned (how about THAT for yard art!).   The bucket was borrowed by Bucyrus to be part of the exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution "Let The Dirt Fly."  If you're in the DC area be sure and stop into the National Museum of American History and check the bucket out - awesome!  There is also one other known Canal Bucyrus 95-ton steam shovel in Alaska somewhere.

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A 95-ton Bucyrus Steam Shovel at work at Culebra Cut

December 7, 1999