Contributed by Barb

A day or two ahead, you does need to roast you up a nice piece of pork (tenderloin or some such) seasoned just so with salt, cracked pepper and some garlic.  Eats some, but do save a nice piece for chuck up in the fry rice. Cut the leftover pork into small pieces and set aside.

You does take a nice big cooking pot and put in about 6 or so slices of bacon and fry up the bacon.  I does like to crumble up de bacon and leave it in the pot.  You does need to leave some of de bacon grease in de pot too.

Nex you does chop up a couple big onion, a nice bunch of celery with leaves and all, and a couple of nice big green pepper. You does sauté the vegetables in de big cooking pot with de crumbled bacon and de grease.  Only cook the vegetables
until they does soften somewhat.  At this junkshure, you does salt and pepper to

Now dis is a trickie part.  You does add to de pot: a couple fat tablespoons of yellow prepared mustard, some nice doses of soy sauce and worcestershire sauce, and a couple heapin tablespoons of catsup.  Don alarm-dis going to look like a soggy mess at this junksure.

Now you does add the cut up pork to de pot and brown up.

Then you does add two cups of water and stir in two cups of washed rice (NOT DE Nasty INSTANT STUFF), and you does throw in a beef bouillon  cube or two.  Now stir well together and reduce heat to low.  Cover with tight lid,  Only stir with a big fork so you don smash up de rice.  You does need to check often to make sure it don be sticking.  If de rice need to swell more, den you add just a little water.

De rice should be a goldenly brown color when she is ready.  If you be de adventuresome type, you can add  some habanero or heat of your choice.

This was my absolute favorite dish Miss Aggie (Mrs. Agirtha Walker) did prepare for us.  Rice is temperamental so don get frustrated if you don get it just so the first time ... trying again will be well worth it.  The biggest mistake you can make is adding too much water...!

We did feast on de pork fry rice with some nice hot michi bread, dos spiced peaches what you did get in de commissary, and some green salad.  Today, I does like me a icy cold Corona (when we don have a Panama) with de rice.


Presented by CZBrats
October 22, 1998
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