Contributed by Emily McLean

When we serve Iced Coffee it really looks & tastes delicious (guys like it too).
I make very strong coffee a day or two in advance and put it in pitchers in the fridge. I then make ice cubes by using brewed coffee and mixing it with milk. At this time I add chopped cherries (red & green), chopped pineapple & some milk to the coffee cubes then put in the freezer.

Day of the party put your cold coffee in your punch bowl and add sugar and milk to your taste. A little before serving add the ice cubes and a quart or more of softened Vanilla ice cream and mix just till the ice cream is still in soft clumps (what a description for a recipe). Serve in chilled punch glasses garnishing each cup with a dollop of Cool Whip & sprinkled with nutmeg. By using the coffee ice cubes your Iced Coffee will never get a weak watery taste. I add ice cream whenever I feel necessary. You can put sliced cherries in the Iced Coffee in the punch bowl or pineapple rings whatever you feel you want to use.

If you make this let me know how it comes out and if you like it.
Em at

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October 5, 1998

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