Louie's Pastelitos

Turnovers or as we refer to them ......Pastelitos, are fun, .and they are fun to eat. They are good-for-you food - the handheld pie that tastes so good any time: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert. So next time you hear the word "turnover" let your mouth water as you conjure up all kinds of good foods in a folded dough. The flaky crust that comes apart in your hands as the filling melts in your mouth.  With  your favorite beverage they are almost a meal in themselves.

My only suggetion is the following recipe: if you bake them or deep fry them yell Capira before they go into the oven.   To make them authentic Capira style use green onions. This is one of  the key  secret ingredients.

El Pastelitos big brother is the Empanada. If they’re mouth-size ....they must be pastelito!

Sometimes at home we make what is called Chorizo Pastelitos or some call empanaditas or as some gringos call Sausage Turnovers.

What you need: *** Pastry from all-purpose flour. Or take a short cut and buy 9-inch double crust pie. I don’t really recommend this. I like to do mine from scratch. You also need some baking powder. I use “Clabber Girl” brand. You are going to be using a pinch or two. Think a little bit. If you use to much your Pastelito in the oven will reach critical mass and explode in your oven creating a large mess.

*** Chorizo can be hot cajun,  hot Mexican,  Polish, or your favorite brand. *** Now comes the secret ingredient ......the Green Onions with a bit of tomato paste or ketchup ( I personally like the tomato paste. A little dab will do you.  Now you got to chop everything up. You can also use a bit of Garlic if you are Italian. Maybe that is where the Capira comes in......heh,heh. The main thing is think less and think small and think good! Now you go to the HOW:

How you do it:

1.  Roll pastry to 1/8 inch thickness on lightly floured board. Cut pastry into circles that are 3” but they can be smaller in diameter. Set aside.

2.  Remove casings from Chorizo. Fry chorizo in a small skillet at medium heat. Drain away excessive oil.  Of course you can keep this for making a rice dish on another day.  It gives rice a nice taste.  Keep oil in fridge to avoid it getting rancid.  Of course this has nothing to do with what we are doing. Just got kind of side tracked.

3.  Now combine chorizo, sour cream(optional ingredient) and chile in small mixing bowl.

4.  Place a spoonful of mixture, off center, on each pastry circle. Fold pastry in half over filling, and pinch edges together to seal. Pierce top of pastelitos with points of the fork.

5.   Place pastelitos (empanaditas)  on an ungreased baking sheet and bake in at 450 degrees F oven for 10-20 minutes or until golden.  You can have a bit of melted butter to brush on to get that really flaky taste. But don’t over do it.

Yields:  Approximately 2-1/2 dozen.  But if you think small you might produce even more

Now is the time to kick back with your favorite beverage and put on a Lucho CD.  And enjoy!

Well, that is all for now I hope you have a ball making a batch of Pastelitos San the Capira. If you yell Capira, it is almost like being there.

April 6, 1999

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