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Captain John Constantine

Captain John Constantine may not have arrived in Panama with Mr. Vasco Nuņez de Balboa nor yet with Sir Henry Morgan, nevertheless he is one of the oldest inhabitants. He knew the Canal even before there was any canal to know, and he has been navigating it ever since it was navigable. The ships he has piloted through the big ditch, if moored end to end, would stretch from the west breakwater at Cristobal to a point of which the exact latitude and longtitude can not be determined without taking a sight on Halley's Comet, but it would be a long way from Bottle Alley. When it comes to easing big tubs into the locks or pushing them through Culebra Cut without knocking the corners off Gold Hill, Captain John is all there. He knows his stuff. He is built of durable materials. Although he has been here many years, he is good for just as many more.

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