Causeway Stories -- #5

Julie A. (Fiori) Huther

Dec 1975: Parked on Perico Island with the "usual" crowd and my ex.  He'd just gotten out of Army Military Police training and thought he was something.  Well, as usual the MPs drove by on their regular patrol.   Usually, we would just hold up the soda (!) can and smiled innocently and they would just turn around and drive off.  But, this time, Jim had to be a bad-ass and bad-mouth the cops.  Anyway, we ended up being hauled off to the Provost Marshall's office where he got a scolding and lectured about respecting cops even if you are one.   I just had to go along because ... well, I guess wifely loyalty, or something.   I hadn't done anything wrong, of course!  Needless to say, I don't have good memories of HIM, but the Causeway holds many, many fond memories.  From camping at Girl Scout Island to swimming at the Officers' Club beach (the parties!) to the huge baobab tree where I had my photo taken when just an infant.  Wonder if it's still there?

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Update:  October 4, 1998
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