Causeway Stories - #2
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Rick Kelly, BHS '67

Like a lot of other kids, I have tons of stories about things that happened out in Amador on the Islands and Causeway.  I had just received a new fishing pole and gear for Christmas. I headed out to the mine dock to nail some corvina (or more likely blow fish).  When I got there the water was full of fish.  They were swimming frantically back and forth in the cove by the docks.  It seems the sharks were feeding in close to shore and had chased them in by the dock.  Anyway, I uncocked my trusty new pole, loaded it up with some shrimp and stepped up to the edge of the pier to let her rip.  Unfortunately, to get a little extra oomph on the cast, I had stepped in front of one of the open spaces between the railings.  When I casted, my brand new pole slipped through my fingers.  As I grabbed spastically for it, I found myself airborne over the water. SPLASH!  I came up with the pole; it had a cork handle so it floated and I quickly looked around.  People were looking over the edge of the dock, and it was a long way up.  Someone was yelling, "Get out of the water!  It's full of sharks."  At this point I got a little freaked.   I started to try climbing up one of the posts, which was covered with barnacles.   You can guess the result.  Here I am bleeding like a pig, sharks around, afraid to swim to shore.  About this time one of the pilot boats comes ripping around the pier and they got me out of the water.  People are clapping and laughing and I, of course, do not feel like the conquering hero returning from the wars.  I caught the next bus back to Balboa, went to the house and hid out for the weekend. God...the Causeway was FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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Update: October 4, 1998
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