Causeway Stories -- #7

Willy Palm

May, 1998

I had a Causeway episode two Sundays ago.  I had never heard of any tarpon on the Pacific side.  I bought myself a sea kayak about a year ago and have it rigged up for spearfishing.  I take it with me whenever I go to the interior and dive the coast.   I mainly use it to dive the Causeway -- San Jose Rock, and Spar Buoy about 2 to 4 afternoons a week.  I have been getting fish whenever there are some and when it is clear.  I went out on the kayak this particular Sunday and the water was unbelievably clear.  I could see the bottom from my kayak all along the last 2 islands of the Causeway.  It was about 6:30 am.  I paddled out to San Jose Rock and it was a deep blue almost black color.  I anchored and dove in.  On my first dive down a 25 lb. snook passed by close enough to nail it and put it in the bin.  There were 10 to 15 lbs. red snappers everywhere,  but I  insisted on looking for more snook.  Ten minutes passed by and I went down alongside a rock on the side facing Taboga when 5 giant tarpons passed right next to me.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing!  They were all huge.  I took a shot at the one closest to me.  It  couldn't have been more than three feet away and it took off. I zapped to the surface and held on for about a 10 minute ride that unfortunately ended with the tarpon taking off.  I have a reel on my gun with about 150 feet of parachute cord.  The thing is the gun had a three inch pull out tip and it seems the fish busted a hole in him that size to free himself.  I went back out for 4 days in a row.  The water was still crystal clear and I managed to shoot some snappers, pompano, and get some lobster.   Well, I just thought is was cool that in 1965 Bob Askew had a tarpon experience on the Causeway and I had one in 1998. Some people don't believe that there are tarpon in the Pacific.  I am a true believer of tarpon now.

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Update: October 4, 1998

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