Causeway Story # 10

Tom Wedmore

I was in the army for two years and was fortunate enough be be stationed at Fort Amador,  Canal Zone from January '72 until June '73.  I felt very good about being there, especially with Viet Nam still going on.

I ran track and cross country all through high school and also for two years of college. When I arrived in the Canal Zone, I was still a very avid runner.  I soon found that the Causeway fit my running needs nicely. What a great place to run!   I was out there practically every evening.

One evening when I was running down the Causeway,  there were two Zonie girls riding bicycles very slowly up ahead of me. My pace was faster than theirs so I began to get closer and closer to them. When I was just a few feet behind them, I could hear them chatting. One said to the other, "And so I asked her, 'So who are you sleeping with now?' And she said, 'Oh everybody.'" Just as the one girl said that, I passed them up. They seemed shocked and there was dead silence until I got a little ways ahead of them. Then I heard a lot of giggling and I was laughing too.

A few weeks later, a bunch of friends and I were out at the picnic area located around the back of the USARSO museum on the Causeway. Since we were the only ones out there, we decided to go skinny dipping. Well, pretty soon who came rolling around the corner? The same two Zonie girls I had heard chatting before! They stopped about 50 yards from us. They looked -- we looked. Talk about the "deer in headlights looks," on both sides. Then one said something to the other. She laughed and nodded her head. Then, in unision, they both quickly lifted their shirts and flashed their boobs! Hoot and holler? Yeah, you know we did!! Then the girls got back on their bicycles and went on their way.   Never saw them again.

May 27, 1999

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