Cayuco Race - 2004
Awards Ceremony

three Records were broken this year.  Two in the Trophy class, with Chava breaking the Lake record
and overall time and the Perception breaking the Miraflores Lake record, while in the Open category, 
Sudden Impact
broke the first stretch Cristobal to Gatun record.

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Open Class - 2nd place

"Sudden Impact"
Open Class -
1st Place

"Short Cut"
Girls - 4th Place

Girls - 3rd Place

Girls - 2nd Place

"Rio Teta"
Girls - 1st Place

"Rio Teta"

Trophy Class
3rd Place

Far left - crew captain received Master Paddler award

"Fast Ta Rass"
Trophy Class - 2nd Place

"Fast Ta Rass"

Trophy Class - 1st Place



Photos by:
El Seņor Jim


Sights from The 51st Annual Cayuco Race

Final Placement and Categories


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April 8, 2004