[Editor's note: four pages are missing here.  I will continue with what appears to be a listing of the classes offered at Canal Zone High School]

Latin Composition - This subject represents one period a week during the second year.  It includes the Latin Composition based on D'onge's Exercises of Caesar's Gallic Wars Books I-IV.

Advanced Latin (Cicero and Virgil) 4 credits.
This subject represents four periods a week during two years.  It includes a continuation of the requirements outlined under Elementary Latin with the addition of the study of versification, not omitting sight reading.  The emphasis during these two years is laid upon the sutdent's development of power to understand Latin Prose and Poetry in the original.  The basis of this work should be the sic orations of Cicero and Virgil's Aenid, Books I-IV.

Latin Composition (Advance 1)  One period a week during two years.   It may well serve as a means of reviewing Latin forms and syntax, the prose of Caesar and Cicero being the standard for reference.

Elementary French - French is a living language and the object of the instruction is to teach the pupil to read and write it as such.  As much French as possible is used in the class from the beginning.  Translations into English should be sparingly used.  The answers of the student should be in French.  The work should comprise: I Careful attention to pronunciation. II The essentials of Grammar. III the reading of some 200 duo-decimo pages of modern prose. IV Writing based on the texts read and the affairs of every day life.

Elementary German - The same general application is made in German as in French.  The reading is elementary German should amount to at least 150 pages of graded modern prose.  The requirements in Grammar are comprehensive.

Spanish - An accurate knowledge of the essentials of grammar, especially the verbs.  The ability to read ordinary Spanish prose, at least 500 pages of duo-decimo pages.  Ability to write Spanish and the Ability to Use ordinary conversation.

How the High School was Named

What a time we had deciding on a name for our consolidated high school!   On the afternoon of January 18th possible names were enthusiastically suggested and their number was legion.  Next afternoon the impossible ones had been culled out and the more plausable ones written on the blackboard of the assembly room.  Then followed some exciting voting.  Canal Zone High School, the name finally chosen, lead with 14 votes, and Isthmian High followed it with 9 votes.  There were a dozen others with a few votes each.  Among the names were United States High School, Canal High, New Canal High, Zone High, Taft High and Columbia High.

These names and votes were sent into the Division of Schools, since the naming of the high school was a semi-official, if not an official matter.  Two days later a note came back from the Ancon office that Gov. Rousseau and Supt. Gause had approved of the name "Canal Zone High School."

This was the one which had received the largest vote.  Thereupon the high school was duly christened with its present name.

An Isthmian Wooer
Mildred Davis, '13

In a rocky cave of coral,
   Beneath the Carib sea,
      A maiden combed her wavy hair
         And was happy as could be.
A dolphin came to the portal,
   And tapped on the coral gate.
      And, in reply to her summons:
         "A lover for thee doth wait"
"A very impatient lover,
   And he told me to thee to say
      He came from a distant country,
         From the dear old U.S.A."
"He says he has inventions
   For living under the sea.
      And he'll bring gold and jewels.
         And all thou desirest to thee."
The maiden, blushing shyly,
   Bade him enter thru' portals wide.
      And under the briny ocean,
         Became the inventor's bride.
And there they are living happy
   In their own peculiar way.
      The mermaid of the coral,
         And her lover from U.S.A.

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