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Our Loving Classmates
Olga Faure, '12

There was a young lady named Burke
A smile in her eye did lurk.
When she made up her hair
You'd think it all there
But if pulled 'twould come down with a jerk.

There was once a young lady named Ruth
Who once in awhile told the truth
When asked what she knew
Said "my knowledge is few,"
But 'tis said she knew much of a youth.

There was once a young man called Smith
In his class he stood about fifth,
A love letter he had
Which drove him quite mad
But much knowledge he came away with.

There was a young girl called Faure
Who always looked out of the car.

At Gatun they say
She leans out half way
I'm sure I know not what 'tis for.

Caro's hair is as blonde as can be,
But why he can't hear, I don't see
His trousers they say
If worn long one day
Are sure to be short the next three.

There was a nice boy named Rob
They say he is new on the job.
In New York I guess






He did nothing but dress.
Tho' I'm sure is not quite a snob.

Charlotte's papa's a major I hear
Tho' that doesn't help much I fear,
To multiply naught
By one half once she sought
The result caused the teacher a tear.

In Frank we've a wonder for fair
For he grows straight up in the air.
When he passes by
The little kids cry
"Say, how's the weather up there?"

Why Myrtle should have such a name
I am sure no one is to blame.
When she marries they say
"Twill be changed half way.
Tho' perhaps 'twill be always the same.

Our Edith's a shy bashful girl,
Whose hair has never a curl,
She claims boys a bore
She'll hate them e'ermore-
But later no such words she'll hurl.

There's a lean young man called Dan
And, while he does the best he can,
His Latin at best
Should have quite a rest
And his teachers think well of the plan.

Of Catherine there's not much to say,
Tho' she comes to school every day
With lessons well got
And she's quite a shot
In basketball when she will play.


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