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BHS '63 45th Reunion Group Photo

Kevin & Natalie Eldredge's Wedding

November, 2007

George FitzGerald (center) partying after his retirement with Bill Eldridge and Mac Lane


March, 2007

Golf Will Never Be The Same Again...
Garth Feeney, Lew French, Ellie Lane, Mac Lane, and
Tim and Tom

June 18, 2005

Mac Lane & Ellie Ermish Get Married
More Pics

April 6, 2005

BHS '63 Vacation Pics

April 1, 2005
(Happy Birthday, Sheila Sheridan Bowen!)

BHS/CHS 60th Birthday Party Pictures

March 4, 2005

Garth's Cleaning & Repair Service
...always with a smile

BHS '63 40th Reunion Group Photo

BHS '63 40th Reunion Photos (Some of them)
On Dale Clarke's website

Thanks to Dale Clarke the '63 Zonian is being uploaded to the internet. 

Zonian 1963

Gary Strong (BHS'63, but left before graduating) and friend Harley

eldredge.jpg (65127 bytes)
Maliantes Reunite
George FitzGerald, Bill Eldredge, Lew French, and Mac Lane
get together for a Texas Barbeque

This is the Class of '63 (Balboa Elementary?)
Send in the names and where they are in the picture so we can put a caption under it!!
cl63-2.jpg (141110 bytes)
Recognize some, but not all.  Mrs. Roberts was the teacher.
Send names to: bhs63@CZBrats.com

Front row, left to right:  Gene Lindfors, Unknown, Unknown, Joan Todd,
Elaine Emo Olinger, Unknown, Sonia Bowker, Unknown.

Second row:  Unknown, Kenny Halverson?, Unknown, Unknown, Larue Akers ?,
Unknown, Unknown

BHS '63 Mini-Reunion

On August 14, 1999 a few members of the GREAT Class of '63 got together in Panama City for talking, eating, drinking and a LOT of hot air.  Great seeing all these people again.  We do need to stay in touch.

Back by special request!
A familiar face

BHS Class of 1963

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20th Reunion Pic

BHS63_98.jpg (53828 bytes)
35th Reunion Pic
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35th Reunion

45th Reunion

CHS Class of 1963

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35th Reunion Pic

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